Saturday, February 2, 2013

Catron: Crony Contraception

In his 2/1/2013 American Spectator, David Catron suggests that that the HHS contraception mandate is a political payoff to Big Pharma for its support of Obamacare.

From his OpEd:
...The Wall Street Journal reported last summer that PhRMA and other industry lobbying groups coordinated with the White House to produce a multi-million dollar advertising blitz to promote Obamacare. “In particular, the drug lobby would spend $70 million on two 501(c)(4) front groups called Healthy Economy Now and Americans for Stable Quality Care.”

Moreover, as Peter Schweizer has reported, “[A]mong President Obama’s biggest financial backers are precisely the Big Pharma companies who benefit from the mandate.” And they go well beyond William Schultz and Barr Laboratories. Schweizer elaborates as follows: “Sally Sussman, head of government affairs for Pfizer, is one of [Obama’s] biggest campaign bundlers... Pfizer sells numerous contraceptives that now must be covered by health-care plans. Obama’s financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry run deep.”
But even their political pull might have limits, in the face of enormous public pressure against the mandate.

Yesterday, multiple news sources such as CNN reported, "Obama proposal would let religious groups opt-out of contraception mandate".

Here are more details from Timothy Jost, "Contraceptive Coverage And Religious Accommodation"

Stay tuned.