Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why Concierge Medicine Will Get Bigger

MarketWatch: "Why concierge medicine will get bigger" (1/17/2013).

The field is rapidly evolving, and there are now many groups offering different tiers of service (depending on how much one wants to spend).

In particular, some of the various "concierge light" models will be very attractive to patients and doctors alike.
The network One Medical Group, currently available in 5 major cities, charges just $200 annually for longer doctor visits, minimal wait time, iPhone appointment scheduling and prescription refills and other amenities. The group has slashed overhead by increasing its use of technology and cutting down on support staff. Doctors weigh in patients and take their vital statistics, which provides a good opportunity for both sides to catch up, said Dr. Tom Lee, One Medical's CEO, who holds both an MD and an MBA. "Because we’ve re-engineered our practice, we can weather most reimbursement storms," Lee said. 
Let's hope the law continues to allow these practices to thrive.