Sunday, January 13, 2013

Catron on Getting Hoist By Ones Own Petard

David Catron's latest American Spectator piece describes, "A Pimp for Obamacare Feels the Pain".

Specifically, he discusses a pro-ObamaCare supporter who is also an ER physician.  But as Catron noted:
He has finally discovered what I and others told him years ago: Medicare rules are, as he apparently now realizes, “arbitrary and disconnected from reality.” He has also noticed that, when a physician runs afoul of these bureaucratic vagaries, the government is the judge, jury, and executioner. The immediate cause of his disillusionment is Medicare’s trick of performing a superficial audit of a doctor’s billing practices and, based on a hopelessly flawed statistical sampling method, accuses him of fraud.
Read more at "A Pimp for Obamacare Feels the Pain".

And BTW, there are now 106 new ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) for Medicare patients.

Here's the downloadable list (PDF format).