Monday, January 28, 2013

RomneyCare Update

The 1/23/2013 Wall Street Journal has an update on health care in Massachusetts: "The RomneyCare Bill Comes Due".

From the article:
[RomneyCare] was supposed to save the state money. But last August Beacon Hill was forced to impose new price controls and a cap on overall state health spending because "health-care spending has crowded out key public investments," as Mr. Patrick puts it in his budget.

He's right about that: Health care was 23% of the state fisc in 2000, and 25% in 2006, but it has climbed to 41% for 2013. On current trend it will roll past 50% around 2020 -- and that best case scenario assumes Mr. Patrick's price controls work as planned. (They won't.) In real terms the state's annual health-care budget is 15% larger than it was in 2007, while transportation has plunged by 22%, public safety by 17% and education by 7%. Today Massachusetts spends less on roads, police and schools after adjusting for inflation than it did in 2007.
Hence, the need for a "huge new tax increase proposed by Governor Deval Patrick".

I'm just glad residents of the other 49 states won't see similar problems.  Oh, wait...

(Read the full text of "The RomneyCare Bill Comes Due".)