Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The City Without Medicine

The 9/22/2012 reports, "Valencia: A Spanish city without medicine".

The government-run medical system can no longer purchase medicines due to a combination of government fiscal irresponsibility and/or corruption. As a result:
Paula guides me into that back room that exists in all pharmacies, where the prescription drugs are kept. The problem is, now, there are not many drugs left.

"Look, this drawer is usually full," she says, pointing to where the suppositories are kept. Now there are only two packets."

She opens the fridge. "Look," she says, "we are down to our last packs of insulin. We just have no money to buy the stock."

I ask: "What happens if several people come in on the same day for insulin?" She makes two fingers walk along the back of her wrist. "They have to go around the neighbourhood to see if anybody else has it. It is the same with drugs for heart disease, stroke, anti-retrovirals."
Fortunately, this could never happen here in the US.  Or could it...?