Monday, October 8, 2012

Catron Shines Light on AARP

David Catron notes how the AARP is trying to have it both ways on ObamaCare.

When ObamaCare was being debated in Congress, they put their full lobbying muscle behind the bill (even though many rank-and-file members were deeply skeptical.)   When Paul Ryan spoke before them discussing the need to repeal ObamaCare, they repeatedly booed him.

But now that Obama's  political future seems more uncertain, they're distancing themselves from him.  Following last week's debate in which Obama cited AARP statistics supposedly supporting his position, the AARP rushed to issue a statement that they were "nonpartisan".

In other words, the AARP's strategy seems to be
"We love you, Obama", when it suits them.
"Hey, we're non-partisan", when it doesn't.
For more details, read Catron's latest piece in American Spectator, "AARP Stands by as Obama Gets Mugged by Reality".

Depending on how the next few debates go, we'll see if any more fair-weather friends of Obama declare themselves.