Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wolf: The Ghost of Kathleen Sebelius Lives

Dr. Milton Wolf asks, "What's the matter with Kansas? The ghost of Kathleen Sebelius lives".

In particular, he notes how short-sighted politics results in both liberals and conservatives supporting health care mandates, such as mandatory insurance coverage for autistic children, which drive up costs for everyone.

Liberals, of course, have no problems with forced redistribution of wealth to appease favored constituencies. Unfortunately, conservatives too often go along, either so they don't appear "heartless" -- or because they believe in similar forced redistributions (differing perhaps only in their preferred recipients).

Dr. Wolf correctly notes:
As the government health insurance mandates expand, the cost of insurance to Kansas families increases. This is unavoidable. The statists solution to the problem they've created is to impose still more mandates to help the people who were victimized by the first round of mandates. It's a vicious cycle but there's a better way.

Eliminate all insurance mandates. Allow Kansans -- free Americans -- to purchase whatever insurance they choose...
(Read the full text of "What's the matter with Kansas? The ghost of Kathleen Sebelius lives".)

When politicians play the game of doling out ever-increasing favors to their pet special interest groups, the end result will be political and economic bankruptcy. This is a losing game for all of America.

As "Joshua" the computer noted in the movie War Games: "The only winning move is not to play."