Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scherz: IPAB Is Real Life Computer Worm

In his 4/12/2012 column, Dr. Hal Scherz of D4PC discusses, "IPAB -- A Real Life Computer Worm Affecting Your Government".

One important point:
But do not be fooled into believing that [IPAB] will affect only Medicare. Private healthcare spending will be reduced as well. IPAB has been given the power to reduce ALL healthcare expenditures, including private insurance.

How might this occur? Once the state insurance exchanges are established, they will be under direct federal oversight and a variety of regulations will go into effect, including price controls. Additionally, private insurance rates follow Medicare rates in the market place, so actions by IPAB to reduce reimbursement will have an indirect effect on the private market.
He notes that if the Supreme Court does not throw out the whole of ObamaCare, then it will be up to Americans to vote for political leaders who will.