Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scherz: Clinical Perspective on ObamaCare

Dr. Hal Scherz of Docs4PatientCare reviews, "Obamacare and The Supreme Court – the Clinical Perspective" (TownHall, 4/3/2012).

In particular, he warns what will happen if ObamaCare is not overturned by the Supreme Court:
All actions always have consequences -- whether intended or unintended. The result of Obamacare will be less doctors working, which means that the guarantee of increased access to healthcare is a false promise. Your insurance card will only provide a place in line. It means that the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute will decide what treatment you will get. It means that the Secretary of Health and Human Services will tell your doctor how to practice medicine.

On this current path, the private practice of healthcare will disappear within the next 10 years, as physicians sell their practices to hospitals, afraid that they can no longer afford to stay in business. More than 50% of doctors now work for hospitals. Obamacare suspends antitrust regulations so that hospitals can consolidate doctors’ practices into a single entity -- an accountable care organization (ACO). Under such an arrangement, the doctors work for the ACO and not for the patients.

There already are rumblings coming from Washington suggesting that physician licensure needs to be nationalized in an attempt to compel doctors to see patients on Medicare and Medicaid and avert the mass exodus that is expected when reimbursement rates are slashed in the coming years.
Such nationalization of the medical profession would be a disaster for patients and doctors alike.

(Read the full text of "Obamacare and The Supreme Court – the Clinical Perspective".)