Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hsieh PJM OpEd: The Truth About RomneyCare

The 1/7/2012 PJMedia has published my latest piece, "The Truth About RomneyCare".

Here is the opening:
Now that Mitt Romney has shown himself politically vulnerable after Iowa, more people are taking a closer look at his claims about the "RomneyCare" health care plan he helped create as Massachusetts governor. In this interview from April 2010 which recently recirculated last month, Romney attempts to draw some distinctions (as well as acknowledge similarities) between his RomneyCare plan and the national ObamaCare plan.

One of the alleged virtues of RomneyCare over ObamaCare is that Romney's plan does not contain "price controls," whereas ObamaCare does. But how does this stack up against reality?
I then discuss several forms of price controls that have already been (or will soon be) implemented in Massachusetts, and their consequences.

(Read the full text of "The Truth About RomneyCare".)