Monday, January 23, 2012

CO High Risk Pools and D4PC Response

The 1/16/2012 Denver Post reported, "Colorado high-risk health insurance pool runs up claims twice the U.S. average".

Docs4PatientCare made the following observation:
One year into a 4 year plan, Colorado is just one of a dozen states who have already burned through the federal funds allocated to set up this program. It's deplorable that even before the poorly designed Obama healthcare law is implemented, the bureaucracy claiming it will cover the "uninsurable" is already over budget and asking for a federal bailout.

If this administration understood the healthcare marketplace and truly wanted to provide these high risk patients with affordable medical insurance options, they would unleash the power of the national marketplace by changing the rules that currently [prevent] these patients from "pooling" their risk and using the resulting "purchasing power" to shop across state lines.