Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goodman: Why The Doctor Won't See You

At the 1/7/2012, John Goodman explains, "Why The Doctor Won't See You".

The health "reform" in Massachusetts has led to near-universal "coverage", but patients are waiting longer to get actual appointments to see physicians. In other words, coverage does not equal care.

Goodman notes:
Turns out that more people are currently seeking care in hospital emergency rooms and at publicly funded community health centers than there were before the reform! As one academic study concluded, in Massachusetts you have the same people seeking the same care at the same places you had before. Health reform has mainly meant shuffling money around from one bureaucracy to another.
(Read the full text of "Why The Doctor Won't See You".)

The problems in Massachusetts under RomneyCare are just a preview for what the rest of the US can expect unless we repeal ObamaCare.