Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wolf on Corporate Welfare

Although it's not directly related to health care, Dr. Milton Wolf has a nice new OpEd out in the 8/23/2011 Washington Times, "Energy Obamanomics: No green jobs and plenty of red ink".

The money quote:
It's time for downgraded America to demand that every business pay its own bills. Mr. Obama would like to end what he calls subsidies to oil companies. Fine. Let’s apply that evenly to all energy companies. In fact, let's apply it to all companies in America. No more bailouts, subsidies, targeted tax breaks, selective tariffs, mandates to purchase certain products or any other form of corporate welfare.
(Read the full text of "Energy Obamanomics: No green jobs and plenty of red ink".)

As a supporter of free markets, I am neither pro-business or pro-labor or pro-[any particular sector of business]. Instead, I am pro-capitalism, which means all economic enterprises should be free to compete for customers without special government handicaps -- or special favors. The only thing the government should do is to prevent the use of force or fraud, but otherwise get out of the way of the honest entrepreneurs who create value. The resultant economic boom could help make America great again!