Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wolf: ObamaCare Or America?

In the 8/8/2011 Washington Times, Dr. Milton Wolf explains why we face a stark choice, "Obamacare or America?"

ObamaCare will turn our already precarious fiscal situation into a total nightmare. Here's an excerpt:
The $14.5 trillion debt monster has now grown larger the U.S. economy itself but, as evil as it is, it pales in comparison to the unfunded liability monster. It's time we wrap our minds around this beast. It is so massive that it simply cannot be accurately measured. The "Big Three" -- Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - have underfunded promises several times the size of the national debt, according to Federal Reserve figures. One hundred and fifteen trillion dollars -- a cool million dollars for each taxpayer -- that's around eight times the total U.S. economy. These bills are quickly coming due.

President Obama's unbelievable solution is to turn the "Big Three" into the "Big Four" by adding his massive Obamacare entitlement to the mix. The same spender-in-chief who claimed that the nation is on the verge of default and grandma's Social Security checks can’t be guaranteed still wants to grow the welfare state even larger...
(Read the full text of "Obamacare or America?")

The rest of the piece cites yet more alarming numbers. And it shows that the biggest deficit coming out of Washington DC is not the economic deficit but the "reality deficit" -- i.e, the refusal to face the facts.

Ayn Rand once warned that people could evade reality, but they couldn't evade the consequences of that evasion. Unless America changes course soon, we're going to learn that lesson in spades.