Monday, August 1, 2011

Minton: The Coming War on Vitamins

Michelle Minton of CEI (Competitive Enterprise Institute) has a new OpEd in the 7/28/2011 Washington Times, "The coming war on vitamins".

Minton describes the latest proposal by Senator Durbin (D-IL) which, in conjunction with other FDA regulations, would seriously hinder the ability of ordinary Americans to freely purchase many over-the-counter vitamins and dietary supplements. Many of these dietary supplements would have to go an onerous FDA approval process which would either drastically raise their prices or drive them off the store shelves completely.

I'm personally seeing more medically-savvy Baby Boomer patients taking ownership of their health and using these inexpensive supplements to protect against arthritis, digestive problems, etc. Hence, the Durbin proposal would significantly impair ordinary Americans' ability to act on their own best judgment for their best medical interests.

(Read the full text of "The coming war on vitamins".)

NewsMax has a related article drawing on Minton's analysis at, "Now Government Trying to Ban Sale of Your Supplements".

Americans need more health freedom, not more nanny-state regulations!