Thursday, July 14, 2011

Will Colorado Follow Massachusetts?

John Graham and the Pacific Research Institute have issued a report that "shows how ObamaCare threatens the solvency of private health plans, which will significantly reduce consumer choice and increase costs. The ultimate result will likely be either a massive taxpayer bailout of private health plans or continued momentum toward a single-payer government-monopoly system."

Graham's report studies Massachusetts and Colorado. He concludes that continued government controls of health insurance will create a "cascade of insolvency", eventually destroy the private insurance market, and leave consumers with little choice but a government insurance option.

He also notes that one tactic used by statists will be to blame the insolvencies on failures of the free market, whereas they will actually be the fault of the government controls.

Of course, his analysis extends to the other 48 states -- not just MA and CO.

The report Bust or Bailout? The Future of Private Health Plans Under Obamacare is available at the PRI website. It can be downloaded here.

(Via Dr. Matthew Bowdish.)