Saturday, July 23, 2011

ACO Humor

Jaan Sidorov of Disease Management Care Blog passes on some ACO jokes. Here are a few samples:
Q: What's the difference between an ACO and a HMO?
A: An ACO is just like a HMO but with more government oversight. It will have the discipline of the Securities and Exchange Commission mixed with IRS-style responsiveness, all brought to you courtesy of CMS.

Q: What's the nicest thing a VP for Medical Affairs could spin about ACOs to a room full of skeptical doctors?
A: "It's not entirely without merit, but close."

Q: What is the difference between an ACO and quicksand?
A: People don't go into quicksand on purpose.

Q: Why is it called an "ACO?"
A: To honor the folks who thought of it: academics, consultants and Obama.