Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick Links: Medicare Myth, 6th Circuit, Death Star

In his 6/30/2011 Forbes post, Avik Roy debunks "The Myth of Medicare's 'Low Administrative Costs'".

In particular, Roy notes:
1) Medicare is partially administered by outside agencies
2) Administrative costs are calculated using faulty arithmetic
3) Medicare has higher administrative costs per beneficiary
(Click through to see more details on each point.)

Randy Barnett covers "Eight Things To Know About Yesterday's Sixth Circuit ObamaCare Decision".

In this 6/29/2011 Washington Examiner OpEd, US Senator Jim DeMint warns "Obamacare Death Star will strike soon". One excerpt:
In fact, Credit Suisse has told clients that forcing employers to drop coverage is "exactly what was intended" by the law. This was the main goal of many advocates of ObamaCare --to completely replace private insurance with a single-payer government healthcare system.
(Via Dr. Matthew Bowdish.)