Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick Links: Schwartz, Harsanyi, Pipes, Turner

The 6/2/2011 Denver Post has published Brian Schwartz's letter criticizing Governor Hickenlooper's veto of Colorado Senate Bill 11-213.

David Harsanyi reminds us, "Let's Not Forget About Obamacare":
Rationing boards. Political favors. Lies. Coercion. Broken promises. Precedents that can force us to buy about anything. It might not be socialism, technically speaking. But really, what's not to like?
(Read the full text.)

As Vermont proceeds with its "single payer" plan, Sally Pipes at Forbes (6/6/2011) describes, "Single-Payer Health Care Systems, Multiple Health Care Disasters".

In the 6/7/2011 Wall Street Journal, Grace-Marie Turner notes, "No, You Can't Keep Your Health Insurance". The end-game for many ObamaCare supporters is to drive private insurers out of business, leaving patients to the tender mercies of a government monopoly insurer.