Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wolf: USS Obamacare Takes On More Water

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new piece in the February 4, 2011 Washington Times, "USS Obamacare takes on more water".

He details how ObamaCare is taking hits on multiple fronts now -- legal, political, and popular. The breadth and depth of opposition to ObamaCare is stunning, and is continuing the snowball. If you value freedom, read the full text of his OpEd for some encouraging news.

ObamaCare is not dead yet. Rather, it is a wounded beast -- and still very dangerous. It's up to Americans to finish the job over the next 2 years and kill it once and for all.

For one legislative strategy on how to proceed, see Keith Hennessey's 2/2/2011 post, "How to Repeal ObamaCare". But this must be accompanied by ongoing grass-roots discussion and activism to keep Americans informed on this issue -- and to keep holding our politicians' feet to the fire. Fortunately, men like Dr. Wolf are doing their part to help.