Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catron: Desperately Seeking Solace

In his latest AmSpec essay, David Catron covers some of the legal and linguistic contortions various ObamaCare supporters are utilizing in order to preserve the individual mandate. Here's an excerpt from "Desperately Seeking Solace":
For nearly a year [pundits on the Left] have been writing smug opinion pieces and snide blog posts about Florida's "frivolous" lawsuit, assuring their readers that such a ruling was a virtual impossibility. Now, their attempts to explain away the obvious implications of Judge Vinson's decision manifestly fail to pass the laugh test.

The most hilarious of these involves the "musket mandate"...
(Read the full text of "Desperately Seeking Solace".)

During the 2010 health care debates, the ObamaCare supporters worked hard to portray the plan as a "done deal", especially after it cleared the Congress. Fortunately, Americans did not just take that lying down, but decided to fight back through politics and through the legal process -- with astonishing successes. And once the aura of inevitability began to crumble around ObamaCare, that took away one of its chief political advantages.

ObamaCare supporters are now (rightfully) a little nervous. In contrast, ObamaCare opponents fighting for health care freedom are now feeling a little bit of "hope and change". It's about time...