Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ralston: Constitution Or ObamaCare

In the February 4, 2011 Orange County Registr, Richard Ralston of AFCM notes that our choice is, "Constitution or Obamacare -- Not Both".

Here is the opening:
Court challenges to the constitutionality of Obamacare have exposed the broader agenda of those who are committed to the permanent expansion of government power which that legislation represents. The specific legal issues are almost irrelevant because Obamacare is so clearly outside the scope of limited, constitutional government. This has made it necessary for the advocates of unrestrained government power to attack either the Constitution itself or the very concept of constitutional limits on the tyranny of the majority or of a ruthless minority elite.

Some try to sidestep the attack on the Constitution by substituting a war on English. They claim to support the Constitution but deny that words have any objective meaning. Supposedly we do not know and cannot know what the writers of the Constitution, or even of recent amendments, intended to say. Everything is a matter of interpretation, and the words mean whatever anyone wants them to mean. Of course, that is arbitrary, and unless we abandon reason and reality completely, the Constitution cannot mean thousands of mutually exclusive things...
(Read the full text of "Constitution or Obamacare -- Not Both".)

The health care debate has forced America to revisit some basic issues about the proper role of government, rule of law, and the importance of freedom in human survival and prosperity. The fight is a long ways from over; but at least it's being fought on the right battlefield.