Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sissel Fights Back

Matt Sissel explains, "Health-care reform: Why I'm suing to get back my freedom" in the 9/13/2010 Christian Science Monitor.

Here's an excerpt:
I'm a healthy young man fresh out of art school. I'm starting a small business, based in Iowa City, as a fine artist specializing in realistic drawing and painting. I have limited means and struggle to achieve my modest dreams. Every penny counts in the service of my career goals, but the federal government is intent on slowing down my progress and the progress of every other productive man and woman in this country in its drive to socialize the American health care system.

As a business person, I intend to cover my own medical expenses, and I want the freedom and flexibility to do my own budgeting, including setting aside money for medical needs.

I don't want the federal government dictating my personal financial decisions.

It can't even run its own budget!
The closing is especially nice:
I proudly served our country in the Iowa Army National Guard as a combat medic, spending two years in Iraq and eventually being awarded the Bronze Star. I mention that experience in order to drive home this point: While I am proud to have served my state and my country as a volunteer, I object to being conscripted into a federal health-care program that is at odds with basic constitutional principles of individual rights and limited government.

I see my lawsuit as a battle for my liberty -- my freedom to live out my life to the fullest without costly, one-size-fits-all dictates from the government. I am fighting the command-and-control health-care plan in order to safeguard the health of our Constitution and the freedoms it protects for me and for all Americans.
Thank you, Mr. Sissel, for standing up for your rights!