Saturday, September 18, 2010

Catron on Accountability

David Catron writes on "Accountability and Its Discontents".

He examines some of the leading theories by leftist pundits as to why America has turned so sharply against the current administration's policies:
...[A] variety of lesser liberal outlets have used their columns and posts to vent frustration with the electorate's inability to see that the current regime has been a success. Why, they ask, is the public not grateful for the "historic" health reform bill, the stimulus package and Wall Street reform? What, they demand to know, are the voters not getting?
Catron notes that they are blaming the voters -- for instance, blaming it on voters' seeming madness ("cognitive dissonance"), stupidity, or racism.

Of course, they seem to not even consider the possibility that the voters' concerns are justified -- that Americans don't want their freedoms infringed, that they don't want their hard-earned money spent on boondoggle make-work "stimulus" projects, and they don't want to support a system that punishes people who live responsibly, create values, and sustain the economy while rewarding those who live irresponsibly at others' expense.

And most critically, they don't want to be held accountable for the failures their policies have caused -- so they instead blame the voters for not "getting with the program".

Come November, we'll see another round of accountability as voters make their preferences known loud and clear.

Whether the "progressives" learn from that reality-check will be up to them. But given their bizarre "blame-the-voters" mindset, I won't hold my breath waiting.