Saturday, September 4, 2010

Schwartz on Amendment 63

Brian Schwartz has an OpEd in the September 4, 2010 Colorado Springs Gazette, "Opposition to Amendment 63 both flawed and deceptive".

In particular, he debunks the following fallacy:
Edie Sonn of the Colorado Medical Society says Amendment 63 “will lead to higher health care costs for insured individuals and businesses as they are forced to absorb the costs of the uninsured.” This cost-shifting argument is both wrong and deceptive. Mandatory insurance will increase costs and impose much larger cost shifts.
(Read the full text of "Opposition to Amendment 63 both flawed and deceptive" for his detailed analysis.)

I also left the following comment on the editorial webpage:
Although I am a member of the Colorado Medical Society, I have to disagree with them when they declare that Amendment 63 will raise costs. Instead, it will lower costs and protect individual freedoms. It's the right thing for Colorado, and I hope the voters take advantage of this opportunity to defend both their pocketbooks and their freedoms.