Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wolf Exposes His Congressman's Dereliction of Duty

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new OpEd in the April 13, 2010 Washington Times detailing his congressman's dereliction of duty in voting for ObamaCare.

Here's an excerpt from, "Dennis Moore must be recalled":
Instead of our elected Representatives in Congress giving us answers, they regurgitated talking points (if they could be bothered to address us at all). Instead of thoughtful, needed health care reform, they arrogantly forced upon us the largest expansion of government power and largest intrusion into our lives that our nation has ever seen.

...Mr. Moore, you refused to read the bill before foisting it upon us. You swore to us that health care rationing was not in it. When you were asked to discuss specific provisions in the bill, you said no. Your actions are worse than dishonest. They represent a dereliction of duty. You refused to perform the most basic function of your office: to read a bill before voting for it.

As a result of your dereliction, patients will suffer and lives will be lost. Because of your reckless abandonment of your duty to Kansans, families will be shattered. Your profound arrogance and cavalier disregard for the needs of your constituents make you dangerous. It's sad but true: You have not faithfully discharged your sworn duties as a United States congressional representative.
(Read the full text of "Dennis Moore must be recalled")

I'll bet the Congressman Moore was not the only one who didn't read the bill.

As we know, some Congressmen even swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, then betrayed that oath by brazenly declaring that they'll pass whatever laws they want without "worrying about the Constitution."

As voters, we must exercise our constitutional power to fire those politicians who would exert arbitrary power over us -- and replace them with men and women who respect the proper role and limits of government.