Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gaming The System In Massachusetts

According to the April 4, 2010 Boston Globe, patients are gaming the mandatory insurance system in Massachusetts:
Thousands of consumers are gaming Massachusetts’ 2006 health insurance law by buying insurance when they need to cover pricey medical care, such as fertility treatments and knee surgery, and then swiftly dropping coverage, a practice that insurance executives say is driving up costs for other people and small businesses.
(Read the full text of "Short-term customers boosting health costs".)

Of course, there will be statists who will claim that this proves that the market has failed, even though the failure will be caused by the government restrictions of the free market. And they will claim that this "proves" that we need a complete government takeover of health care.

The problems in Massachusetts will be a preview for the rest of the country unless we repeal ObamaCare.

(Link via Brian Schwartz and Jared Rhoads).