Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Links: Madianos, Pelosi, Coburn

Dr. Evan Madianos alerted me to a notice that some doctors will be posting in their offices come Monday, following the Medicare cuts.

(The first half of the page is the original posting, ending with "I won't do either!"; the second half is Dr. Madianos' commentary. As long as the Medicare program exists, it will remain a permanent "political football" for patients, doctors, and other interest groups -- yet another reason that Medicare should be phased out and eventually eliminated.)

The February 27, 2010 New York Times notes that, "Pelosi Struggles to Corral Votes for Health Care Bill".

Republican US Senator Tom Coburn (himself a practicing physician), comments on the recent "summit":

(Note: I generally agree with Senator Coburn's critique of the Democrats' proposals. However, the Coburn-Burr-Ryan-Nunes bill appears to be a very mixed bag, with some better elements and some bad statist elements. Hence, this should not be construed as an endorsement of that particular bill.)