Monday, February 1, 2010

Gorman and Schwartz on Health Choice

The January 29, 2010 Aurora Sentinel published this OpEd from Linda Gorman and Brian Schwartz explaining, "Why we're 'crazy' about health care choice".

Here's an excerpt:
...Along with stopping mandatory insurance purchase, the Right to Health Care Choice allows people to buy more affordable policies sold in other states. Thirty states have less expensive small-group premiums than Colorado. If governments did not shield insurers from interstate competition, “12 million previously uninsured” Americans would have coverage according to University of Minnesota economists.

You have the right to buy the best available insurance policy for you and your family. You also have the right to donate to charities of your choice. The Health Care Choice Initiative would protect you from politicians who want to deprive you of choice and increase your insurance premiums and taxes.
Thank you, Linda and Brian!