Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hannah Krening's Letter To Congress

Our friend Hannah Krening recently sent this message to her federal representative Mike Coffman and GOP Chairman Michael Steele (in response to this PJTV interview, I think). Diana and I really like it, so I'm posting it with her permission. She writes:
As a taxpayer, breast cancer survivor and one whose first husband lost a long battle with cancer, I want to say that the current proposed "reform" of health care adds up to one thing for me: I hope I never have a life-threatening condition again if any proposal to further involve government in my health care becomes reality. And I hope that nobody I love has to be subjected to the rationing, waiting and other debilitating results of what they evidently believe are the best of intentions.

I know you are against HR 3200. But I fear you may compromise on some important principles as you fight against it. Please hear me out.

Bringing more government involvement into health care "reform" is not a solution. It is a recipe for disaster. Only by reducing government involvement in health care will we get the kind of justice that will bring about the best care for all at the best possible price.

Republicans who hint at "tweaking" the current ideas or "slowing down" their implementation are no better; the premise of government involvement and what the current web of regulations and mandates has already caused is the issue we must all face now to prevent untold and unnecessary suffering down the road. So above all, PLEASE do not be one of the many Republicans willing to compromise principles with those who profit by your abdication of them!

We must remember that health care is not and cannot be free: the skills of doctors, researchers and technology companies must be fairly compensated. The alternative is slavery: of the few taxpayers who will foot the huge bills and of the competent providers of health care goods and services, who will ultimately leave the field in order not to be enslaved by it.

Another area that needs to be understood better is the concept of insurance, which is properly for catastrophe, spreading out the risk of situations that would ruin us financially. The history and cause of the current state of health insurance has root causes that include (surprise!) government taxation laws and regulations. HSAs and high deductible insurance will be the first to disappear if the "reformers" get their way.

People accuse those who speak for me of making up lies about the bill. However, quotes of the actual text reveal the actual results this bill will create. For example, see

As you consider your input on Republican policy, I hope you will avail yourself of some excellent information on the principles needed to fight the current proposals for the best results, go to In addition, people like John Mackey of Whole Foods have started to offer real solutions, not just criticisms of HR 3200. These ideas need to be a part of the discussion.

This is not regulation on some dispensable part of our lives. This concerns everyone's survival, to some degree; nobody will be untouched by the outcome of this process. We have a lot to lose.
Thank you, Hannah!

If you agree, please feel free to send it to your own representatives in Washington with a note saying that you agree with it.

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