Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ingemarson Defends Individual Rights

More and more people are daring to challenge the statists' view that there is a "right" to health care.

For example, Mike Rosen's piece in the August 13, 2009 Denver Post, "No "right" to health care" created a stir.

One of best supportive responses was this LTE from Anders Ingemarson, printed in the August 19, 2009 edition of the Denver Post (7th one down):
Bravo, Mike Rosen, for identifying the fundamental, moral health care issue -- there is no right to health care.

True health care reform protects the fundamental right of patients, doctors and insurance companies to voluntarily exchange products and services in the marketplace without government intervention. Such reform must focus on repealing existing laws and programs, not creating new ones. Repeal laws preventing insurance companies from offering policies with selective coverage and individuals from choosing such policies. Repeal laws making health insurance premiums tax-deductible for corporations but not for individuals. Repeal laws forcing doctors to take on excessive amounts of malpractice insurance to protect themselves against lawsuits. And yes, eventually repeal Medicare and Medicaid.

In health care, as in life in general, the moral is the practical; true health care reform will result in an abundance of health care options for people of all means.

Anders Ingemarson, Denver
Thank you, Anders!