Sunday, August 16, 2009

Armstrong On Rationing and ObamaCare

The August 14, 2009 Colorado Springs Gazette printed Ari Armstrong's OpEd, "Rationing Inherent In Obamacare".

Here is the introduction:
The health reform debate has heated up mainly over rationing. On August 6, Mike Sola of Michigan confronted Rep. John Dingell. As Sola’s son watched from a wheelchair, Sola charged, "Under the Obama health care plan which you support, this man would be given no care whatsoever because he is a cerebral palsy handicapped person."

That same day in Longmont, a cancer survivor told a crowd, "I've had a total of 11 surgeries. Do you think that Obama's health care would have paid for that?” When the crowd answered "no," he said, “Exactly. But I’m still alive today."

A July 29 rally in Colorado Springs featured a sign calling Obamacare "a death sentence for seniors."

Obama glibly brushes off criticism as "misinformation" as his supporters attack critics as un-American thugs and mobs. Yet rationing under Obama's proposal is inevitable. The only question is how rationing would play out...
(Read the full text of "Rationing Inherent In Obamacare".)

Because of government policies, the British and Canadians currently endure long waits for advanced medical care (such as MRI scans) that most Americans would find outrageous.

Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that ObamaCare would be dangerous to their health. Let's hope the politicians start realizing that as well...