Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Washington Times on Rationing

The April 21, 2009 Washington Times has published their editorial warning about health care rationing under the Obama plan. Here is an excerpt:
Rationing health care

It doesn't matter what your doctor says; the Obama administration plans to decide if you will have cancer treatment or heart surgery.

Appearing on "Meet the Press" on Sunday, Lawrence H. Summers, President Obama's chief economic adviser, stated, "Whether it's tonsillectomies or hysterectomies ... procedures are done three times as frequently [in some parts of the country than others] and there's no benefit in terms of the health of the population. And by doing the right kind of cost-effectiveness, by making the right kinds of investments and protection, some experts ... estimate that we could take as much as $700 billion a year out of our health care system."

Let's be clear - Mr. Summers is talking about rationing...
They correctly note:
Nationalized health care puts bureaucrats - not doctors - in charge of deciding who needs what medical treatment. Rationing is inevitable under these schemes. That's one reason Mr. Obama's universal heath care plans must be stopped.