Thursday, January 14, 2016

Edison Vs. American Board of Pediatrics

Dr. Megan Edison has written an "Open Letter to the American Board of Pediatrics".

Here is the opening:
Dear American Board of Pediatrics:

On December 17 2015, at 3:01 in the middle of my busy day seeing patients, I voluntarily gave up my American Board of Pediatrics certification. I thought I should write this letter, hopefully preempting any more threatening emails warning me that I must pay up or lose my certification. This was not mere oversight on my part. This was purposeful...
She describes the numerous pointless "hoops" that pediatricians must jump through in order to maintain their certification (MOC), as well as questionable finances by the ABP leadership.  In her words:
I am sad about giving up my ABP certification. I remember the elation I felt when I passed my boards after residency. I really felt like I had accomplished something and that my certificate represented my professional  educational commitment to pediatric medicine. Now, after seeing the monster that board certification has ballooned into, I’m very happy to be off the MOC hamster wheel and no longer supporting a corrupt system that punishes very good doctors and pushes our most experienced pediatricians into early retirement.
Dr. Edison also offers concrete reforms that the ABP can adopt.  Let's hope the ABP chooses to listen to her.