Monday, November 10, 2014

Medical IT Failures

A couple of quick links on the electronic medical records issues:

"Doctors, hospitals rethinking electronic medical records mandated by 2009 law" (10/10/2014).
The complaints focus on poorer quality care for patients and fewer medical reports while immense new financial burdens are imposed on medical providers. In addition, the new digitized system leaves millions of people vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Many of the responding physicians said they spend too much time looking at computer screens instead of the patients they are examining... [Dr. Kevin] Pho cited a study published earlier this year by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine that found doctors in community hospitals average spending 44 percent of their time in front of a computer and only 28 percent in direct patient care. 
"Why is medical IT so bad?" (11/1/2014)

Critical quote: "EMRs often hinder, not assist, the giving of medical care."

(First link via Dr. Matthew Bowdish.)