Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Edison on Narrow Networks

Pediatrician Dr. Megan Edison recently described what it's like to be on the receiving end of patients who lose their doctors because of ObamaCare: "Confessions of a Narrow Network Doctor".

She describes the problems patients faced by the loss of choice.  And she offers some solutions:
The solution seems so clear in my little corner of the world. I want my patients to have control over their own health care dollars regardless of employment status or political party in power. I want to work directly with my patients to help them choose how to best use those dollars in a price transparent healthcare environment. I want them to choose me. I want competition to push me to provide the best care at a good value, knowing that my patients always have a choice to see another doctor if I’m not doing a good job. In short, I’d love folks to own a high-deductible HSA for life, in a healthcare system that is transparent and competes for those dollars.

But that would give power directly to the patient and all the healthcare choices between the patient and the doctor. Turns out, there are more powerful players that want control over what happens in my office...
I recommend reading the full text of "Confessions of a Narrow Network Doctor".  If you like what you read, check out the rest of the RebelMD site!