Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dr. Brian Forrest on How To Start a Direct Primary Care Practice

Dr. Brian Forrest recently gave an interview with Concierge Medicine Radio on "How You Can Start a Direct Primary Care Practice for less than $10k".

Some of the topics he discussed include:
  • The shockingly simple math behind how reducing overhead and eliminating collections allows primary care physicians to spend more time providing better care while improving their take home pay. 
  • How Brian kept his total operating expenses to $50k in the first year and how you can too. 
  • The rule of thumb Brian uses to make all his purchasing decisions. 
  • The two most effective forms of advertising for Brian’s direct pay practices. 
  • How to choose your billing software and Brian’s recommendations. 
For more details, listen here.  Here's more information about his particular practice, Access Healthcare.