Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wolf: After ObamaCare

Dr. Milton Wolf has some good ideas in his 6/21/2012 Washington Times OpEd, "After ObamaCare".

In particular, he opens with this observation:
Obamacare will die at least one of three deaths: judicial, political or economic. If the Supreme Court allows this abomination to stand, voters can still deliver its death blow at the polls in November. Ideally, Obamacare will, in fact, die both of these deaths because if it survives now, it will die an economic death and take America down with it. So let's prepare now for the post-Obamacare America...
He then gives 5 practical suggestions to move America in the direction of free-market health care reforms.  These include:
1) Tax fairness
2) End state insurance monopolies
3) End state licensing monopolies
4) Health savings accounts
5) End frivolous lawsuits
Read the full text of "After ObamaCare" for more details.

BTW, he has a new (non-medical) Daily Caller video as well: "Holder is Contempt-able!"