Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hsieh Forbes OpEd: The Nanny State And Universal Health Care

The 6/18/2012 edition of Forbes has posted my latest OpEd, "The Dangerous Synergy Between The Nanny State And Universal Health Care".

A couple of excerpts:
The recurring theme: The government must limit our freedoms to limit overall medical costs. But this issue can only arise in “universal” health systems where taxpayers must pay for everyone else’s medical expenses...
It’s a short step from the government assuming responsibility for your diet to assuming responsibility for your overall health. Today, the government decides what you can or cannot eat. Tomorrow, the government decides what medical care you can or cannot receive.
Note that both Democrats and Republicans buy into the notion of limiting freedom to limit global health costs. One of the big proponents of this idea is former GOP Senate majority leader Bill Frist (who is a cardiac surgeon).

I also quoted a section from one of my favorite Bill Whittle's essays, "Freedom":
"The more your government restricts your options, the more you psychologically look to government to keep you safe, fed, clothed, housed and sustained.
(Read the full text of "The Dangerous Synergy Between The Nanny State And Universal Health Care".)

Note: This is my second piece at Forbes, and I'm honored to once again appear on their website.  My first piece was, "Just Who Should Control Your Healthcare Spending?" (5/16/2012).