Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wolf Challenges OWS

In his latest Washington Times OpEd, Dr. Milton Wolf issues a bold challenge to former Obama aide Van Jones and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

From "My challenge to Occupy Wall Street":
...[T]here actually may be honest common ground between the seemingly diametrically opposed Tea Party and Occupy forces: Government bailouts are wrong. Tea Partyers recognize the destructive nature of the bailouts and conclude that they must end; in fact, all corporate handouts should end. Occupiers also recognize the destructive nature of the bailouts, but - curiously - agitate not for the end of bailouts but instead, that they get their own piece of the action.

If there’s any honesty in the Occupy Wall Street movement, even a shred, I call upon its protesters to join me, to join Tea Partyers, and demand the end of all forms of corporate welfare. No more bailouts. No more subsidies. No more targeted tax breaks, loan guarantees or loopholes. No more stimulus spending, protective tariffs or favoritism. No more waivers. No more more allowing the government to pick and choose winners and losers. No more plundering the 99 percent to enrich the well-connected 1 percent.

If we want politicians to quit peddling favors, we have to take away their inventory.
(Read the full text of "My challenge to Occupy Wall Street".)

As he notes, the issue is tyranny vs freedom. Or autocracy vs. the free market.

Dr. Wolf was also gracious enough to quote something Diana once said on Twitter, "Crony capitalism is capitalism just like sea horses are horses."

I don't know if the OWS crowd will take him up. But I hope they do!