Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wolf: Mr. President, Tear Down This Law

In the 12/15/2010 Washington Times, Dr. Milton Wolf offers some good advice to the President, "Mr. President, tear down this law".

From the OpEd:
...[I]t was the individual mandate to purchase insurance that was determined to exceed the letter and spirit of the Constitution. But this ruling threatens the entire edifice of Obamacare because that mandate is the central linchpin of the Affordable Care Act. In the simplest of terms, the goodies Obamacare promises depend on the money brought in by compelling young, healthy Americans to purchase more insurance than they need. It's a clever version of redistribution, but it's not immune from this one simple reality: no money, no goodies.
Dr. Wolf then goes on to explain how the combination of requiring insurers to take all comers regardless of pre-existing conditions but without the mandate will make private insurance quickly unaffordable. Many patients will "game" the system and only purchase insurance when they become ill.

Or as Amanda Teresi once explained, "It would be the equivalent of not having any car insurance, hitting a tree, and then calling Geico and saying you want to sign up. It doesn't make sense."

Dr. Wolf advises the President:
Be bold. Lead the charge to repeal Obamacare. I know this is against every instinct you have, but look where your instincts have gotten you. This is your chance to hit that reset button.
This is excellent advice from the good doctor. Whether the President listens is a separate matter altogether...

(Read the full text of "Mr. President, tear down this law".)