Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Catron: Obamacare and the Broccoli Mandate

David Catron has a new OpEd in AmSpec, "Obamacare and the Broccoli Mandate".

As he notes, the issues run much deeper than health care. Instead, the key issue is freedom -- specifically, should the government be able to deprive you of your freedom to act on your own best judgment and instead force you to do what it thinks is "best" for you?:
...[T]he Obama administration... presumably believes that the commerce clause gives the federal government the authority to regulate virtually every decision we make in our day-to-day lives. Indeed, the belief that Washington can -- and should -- supervise us as if we were a nation of children is the core tenet of their nanny-state political philosophy.

This is the belief system that prompted First Lady Michelle Obama to say, as her husband signed a law that will regulate what children eat during summer vacations and what can be sold in school vending machines, that child nutrition is something "We can't just leave... up to the parents." Without the "help" of the federal government, some mother might fail to force broccoli on her kids.

Likewise, we "can't just leave it up" to the patients to decide for themselves if they should buy health insurance. Indeed, according to the Obama administration, there is something sinister in the very suggestion that we must allow them to do so.
In other words, "We're from the government, we're here to help you -- And if you don't let us, we'll punish you."

Fortunately, more and more Americans aren't buying it. A recent Rasmussen poll shows, "For First Time Ever, Most Voters Think Health Care Repeal Likely".

Let's hope our new Congress and our judges take heed.