Monday, November 8, 2010

Catron: How the GOP Can Stop the Spread of Obamacare

The 11/5/2010 American Spectator published a nice piece by David Catron explaining, "How the GOP Can Stop the Spread of Obamacare".

He shows how a similar strategy worked in Massachusetts after then-Governor Dukakis signed into law their first failed attempt at "universal health care" in 1998.

Catron discusses a 3-part strategy to do the same at the national level. One especially good point he raises is as follows:
In addition to the power of the purse, the new House majority will also have subpoena power that can be used to delay implementation.

They can hold numerous and protracted public hearings, while demanding all manner of documentation from the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). They can summon HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to answer questions about her 2009 gag order to insurance companies and her growing reputation as an enemy of the First Amendment.

It would also be instructive to hear CMS administrator Donald Berwick to elaborate on statements like, "Any healthcare funding plan that is just... must redistribute wealth."
I believe this will have to be a crucially important element.

ObamaCare must be attacked not just on wonkish economic grounds, but at the level of fundamental ideas such as:
"Is it just to redistribute wealth in this fashion?"

"Should doctors be able to practice according to their own best judgment, or should they be compelled to follow government practice guidelines?"

"Does your life ultimately belong to you -- or to the state?"
The election results showed that American voters understood what was at stake -- and they elected the Republicans as their way of saying so.

For Republicans, the big question is whether they will have the political will (i.e., the moral courage) to follow through on their many promises to "defund" and repeal ObamaCare.

Right now the Republicans are talking the talk. Will they also "walk the walk"?

(Read the full text of "How the GOP Can Stop the Spread of Obamacare".)