Saturday, November 21, 2009

Liggett DP LTE on Junk Food Tax

The November 17, 2009 Denver Post printed the following LTE by Gina Liggett opposing proposed new taxes on so-called junk food:
Governor's proposal to tax candy and soda

The Post reported on Gov. Bill Ritter's proposal to tax candy and soda pop. Ritter said, "We thought that people would be willing to pay 3 cents on a dollar candy bar." How utterly arrogant of him to decide what any citizen would be willing to pay for anything. What I do with my money and property should be my business in a free society.

America's local, state and federal governments are becoming ever-more authoritarian, serving themselves instead of protecting individual liberty. Wake up! Our individual rights are in serious jeopardy. The people must fight against this creeping and metastatic growth in governmental power or America will die.

Gina Liggett, Denver
Her letter was a response to the November 15 news story, "Ritter's plan to tax soda and candy gets cheers, jeers".