Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hsieh OpEd in Washington Examiner

The February 23, 2009 Washington Examiner published my latest OpEd entitled, "America Doesn't Need a Health Care Czar". Here is the intro:
America doesn't need a 'health care czar'

By Paul Hsieh, MD, OpEd Contributor - 2/23/09

KEY DATA: Free market health reforms could reduce health insurance costs by over 50%.

TAKE HOME: President Barack Obama's plans for a "health czar" would represent an unprecedented and dangerous intrusion of government into the practice of American medicine.

Former senator Tom Daschle's withdrawal as President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services has left the White House administration scrambling to find a new "health czar" to implement their goal of government-run "universal health care."

But while the primary focus had been on Daschle's tax problems, Americans should also ask a more fundamental question: Why do we need a health czar in the first place?...
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