Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mandatory Insurance Article Now Free

Craig Biddle (publisher of the journal, The Objective Standard) has graciously agreed to make the full text of my article in the Fall 2008 issue on the dangers of mandatory health insurance available for free, to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

The full article can now be found at:

"Mandatory Health Insurance: Wrong for Massachusetts, Wrong for America"

This issue is heating up much faster than I expected.

Senator Max Baucus, a powerful Democrat, has just proposed adopting the Massachusetts plan on a national scale:

"Healthcare reform gets backing in Congress"

Even more ominously, insurance companies have agreed to support this idea, saying that they'll accept new government regulations in exchange for the federal government requiring all citizens to purchase health insurance:

"Insurers make pitch for health coverage mandate"

President-elect Obama has pledged to make universal health care one of the highest priorities of his new administration.

If we don't want to go down this dangerous path, we'll have to speak out in opposition to this bad idea.

Hence, please feel free to link to this article and/or send it to friends, coworkers, elected officials, and anyone else who might make a difference. A few active minds in the right places could make more difference than you think. And it's your future health care at stake:

"Mandatory Health Insurance: Wrong for Massachusetts, Wrong for America"