Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Person X on Health Insurance

From the March 7, 2008 Wall Street Journal comes the following great OpEd on government paternalism, including its application to health insurance. I'm deliberately omitting the author's name for now:
...Health-care paternalism creates another problem that's rarely mentioned: Many people can't afford the gold-plated health plans that are the only options available in their states.

Buying health insurance on the Internet and across state lines, where less expensive plans may be available, is prohibited by many state insurance commissions. Despite being able to buy car or home insurance with a mouse click, some state governments require their approved plans for purchase or none at all. It's as if states dictated that you had to buy a Mercedes or no car at all.
Who's the author? Former Democratic Senator and 1972 presidential candidate George McGovern.

Plus I also pretty much agree with the rest of his OpEd.

Life is full of pleasant surprises!... (Via Haight Speech.)