Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wright LTE on Government and Health Care

The May 2, 2008 Rocky Mountain News posted the following online OpEd by Chuck Wright. Here are some excerpts:
Health-care market dominated by federal government

...Government interference in the health-care marketplace is the elephant-in-the-room that supporters of single-payer health care ignore. The negative unintended consequences caused by massive government involvement in health care should be part of the discussion, but Goodman, like so many other advocates of single-payer, makes no mention of that.

Politicians should take the blame for the health-care mess that they created. Instead, they blame the market and propose that the solution is even more political control of medicine. But more political control is not the solution. Political control is the problem!
He advocates the following solutions:
...End Medicare and Medicaid. End bans on the importation of drugs from other countries. Abolish the FDA. End health-care mandates and government bureaucratic red tape.

Instead, expand Health Care Savings accounts. Make health care expenses 100% tax deductible. Allow health-care consumers to control all of their health-care dollars and decisions. Consumers will be better off and health care will be more affordable (e.g., there will be Walmarts and Costcos of heath care) when politicians are not in control of health care.