Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hsieh LTE in Colorado Springs Gazette

The February 5, 2008 edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette printed my LTE, commenting on their good OpEd criticizing the 208 Commission (towards the bottom of the page):
Health care proposals will backfire on state

I want to thank The Gazette for its strong editorial against the ill-considered plan by the Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform ("Health care reform: It's a joke," Jan. 31). Their proposed system of mandatory health insurance already has been tried in Massachusetts and is failing. Costs there are already more than three times what was originally predicted, and the Boston Globe reports that it is expected to "cut payments to doctors and hospitals, reduce choices for patients, and possibly increase how much patients have to pay." The California state legislature has also just rejected a similar plan because it will cost too much.

These government-imposed plans violate the rights of individuals to freely choose what health insurance plans are best for them, and, as a result, lead only to rising costs and rationing. If Coloradans value their lives and their health, they will also reject this deadly proposal.

For more information on genuine free market health care reform for Colorado, please see

Paul Hsieh, M.D.