Sunday, May 6, 2007

British Doctors Admit to Medical Rationing

This story about the NHS (i.e., the British National Health Service) just appeared in the British press:
"Doctors admit: NHS treatments must be rationed"

British doctors will take the historic step of admitting for the first time that many health treatments will be rationed in the future because the NHS cannot cope with spiralling demand from patients.

...James Johnson, the BMA [British Medical Association] chairman, will warn that patients face a bleak future because they will increasingly be denied treatments. He will urge the NHS to be much more explicit about what it can realistically afford to do and ask political leaders to engage in an open, honest debate about rationing.
The article also notes that rationing of health care under the NHS has been going on for a long time, but just never openly named as such.

The article also quotes Health Minister Andy Burnham as defending the NHS as "the right model for Britain's future" and it should continue to be "comprehensive and universal".

Some people don't seem to learn from failure.